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    Anna Davila, David Slaight, James Calderon, Sonya Simmons, Greg Kaftan (back row, left to right) – Carol Mills, Malik Sheppard (front row)

    The challenge

    In the state of New York, almost 90% of all parole violators are unemployed at the time of violation. Men and women coming out of prison are extremely challenged entering the job market due to lack of skills, limited work history and employment discrimination. Their resulting unemployment is a crucial risk factor for re-incarceration and this becomes a vicious cycle. This creates tremendous suffering for these individuals, their families and burdens our society with devastating cost: NY State taxpayers spend $38,000 a year for each adult in prison and a total of over $ 2 Billion annually.

    The mission

    Karma Builders is a social enterprise designed to break this vicious cycle of unemployment and re-incarceration. We hire, pay and train formerly incarcerated people to provide woodworking and assembly services for local sustainable companies. We have a holistic approach that cultivates a positive long-term shift in mental attitude, building confidence, dignity and the important skill set needed to find and retain gainful employment in today’s green job market.

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